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Smart power grid technology ppt presentation barnfilmer 2015 gratis

smart power grid technology ppt presentation barnfilmer 2015 gratis

Utilities aren't known as the most fleet-of-foot businesses and utan the energy industry invests lower percentage of revenue in technology cosplay than most industries.
The transmission system fuska delivers utan electricity from power plants to distribution substations, present while the distribution system delivers electricity from distribution substations medlemskap to consumers.
Sinha IIT Guwahati Presentation 9, integrated Communications and Security, fully integrated, high-speed, two-way communication utan makes the smart grid a dynamic, interactive cosplay mega-infrastructure for rabattkod real-time information and power exchange.Advanced power system devices use the latest research in materials, superconductivity, energy storage, power electronics, and microelectronics Produce higher power densities, greater reliability and power quality, lower costs.Trading Agents for the Smart fuska Electricity Grid Current practice: Fixed market Few present producers, less competition Regulated by government The future : swebus Free market Many producers (wind, solar, ) Less regulation.Delete, cancel, pakidov Artem, export to Portable prezi to present offline.Onzo is a slick-looking energy display and wireless sensor kit that runs on energy harvested from the home electrical cable.Smart rabattkod Grid Vision Intelligent Green Efficient Accommodating Motivating Opportunistic Quality Resilient.Adds intelligence throughout the newly networked grid. Sinha IIT Guwahati Presentation 10, advanced Components and Subsystems.
Tendril Tendril sells mecenat a combo of energy management services, including a wireless in-home energy display, a smart, web-based energy portal, smart outlets and cell phone apps that can help homeowners diagnose and cut energy consumption.The smart meter makes a greener difference.22 Power grids initiative towardssmart grid gratis Pilot Project in Northern Region aldrig Intelligent Monitoring Control of the gratis Interconnected Electric Power Grid Using Wide Area Measurements (WAM) gratis for Western Region 23 Benefits of smart grid Integrate isolated technologies Smart Grid enables better technology energy management.17 upcoming technologies picowatt These are strategically placed smart plugs which fit over existing outlets, are essentially mini Wi-Fi routers smart running Linux, each capable of gathering data and controlling devices.Advanced Energy birka Storage New Battery Technologies Sodium Sulfur (NaS) Li-Air Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (phev) Grid-to-Vehicle(G2V) and Vehicle-to-Grid(V2G) Peak load reduction(V2G).Sinha IIT Guwahati Presentation 17, prof.Technologies kolla used for access barnfilmer network implementation include Wireline technologies PLC (Power smart Line Communication Wireless technology technologies ZigBee, Wi-Fi, WiMAX GSM optimized smart power grid wireless connectivity Scalability and enhanced flexibility Carrier-class all outdoor link reliability and availability (eg power IP67) Secured communication (eg fips-140-2) High bandwidth with.Smart TVs may have one or more of the following features: Video barnfilmer Playback Via dlna/USB.20 OK, so the smart grid is supposed to swebus reduce wasted energy, give consumers better information, and allow the grid to use more solar and wind power.Customers want to do more to protect the environment, use less energy and control their costs.

Need of a smart grid, comparison between smart grid and todays grid.
It can also accommodate more solar and wind power, which are inconsistent sources of energy that can become more reliable gratis with better controls.